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Team Jon Doe May 14, 2016

What does V.H.S mean? Vibe Heavy Souls describes the mood and vibe of Jusx’s latest mixtape. Jusx has a way of easing the mind of his listeners by putting them in a trance like state where they can just chill and vibe. With his latest project, he does not disappoint. He’s mastered the skill of evolving while staying true to what he is known for.

V.H.S is a collection of seven songs- including newest single “No More”– that delve into the whirlpool known as relationships. The mixtape is deeply personal yet creative and relatable with songs like “Send” and “Sleepin On U”. Jusx also gives listeners another taste of those catchy lyric’s that are addictive with featured single “No More” and “Meditating”.